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PHM Planetarium & Air/Space Museum

The Air/Space Museum at the P-H-M Planetarium is comprised of four sections:

corner.jpg (66095 bytes)Manned Space
An extensive collection of memorabilia and artifacts trace manned space exploration in the 20th and 21st centuries. The exhibit area also honors those who gave their lives in the ongoing quest to explore beyond earth.  On display are autographed pictures of nearly every person who has flown in the U.S. manned space program as well as key cosmonauts.

lindyplane.jpg (43556 bytes)History of Flight
Memorabilia, pictures, and models convey the development of aircraft since 1906.  The exhibit area contains autographed pictures and memorabilia of major figures such as Orville Wright, Amelia Earhart, and Chuck Yeager.

Civil War
A seasonal exhibit contains artifacts and documents pertaining to the Civil War.

village.jpg (65802 bytes)Winter Village
During the winter holidays, the exhibit area is transformed into a Winter Wonderland.

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