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PHM Planetarium & Air/Space Museum

Among the collection of autographs on display in the museum are the leading figures of air and space exploration.  A few are shown here.

lindy2.jpg (33434 bytes) Charles Lindbergh ap11crew.jpg (39050 bytes) Apollo 11 doolittle03118.JPG (130174 bytes) Lieut. Gen. James H. Doolittle
irwin.jpg (44578 bytes) James B. Irwin Ap11portrait.jpg (53538 bytes) Apollo 11 rickenbacker03122.JPG (160348 bytes) Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker
hughes_zoom.jpg (27973 bytes) Howard Hughes ap7-8-12.jpg (52061 bytes) Apollo7, Apollo 8, Apollo 12 ross03128.JPG (18858 bytes) Jerry L. Ross
hiroshima.jpg (22664 bytes) enola.jpg (29556 bytes) Capt. Paul Tibbets and crew 
of the Enola Gay
skylab.jpg (23909 bytes) Skylab armstrongDSC03116.JPG (15049 bytes) Neil Armstrong
grechko_zoom.jpg (46079 bytes) Col. Georgy Grechko  cripyoung.jpg (56558 bytes) Crippen and Young wright03113.JPG (11639 bytes) Orville Wright
yeager_dark.jpg (37646 bytes) Chuck Yeager, B/Gen USAF Ret. rutan.jpg (33003 bytes) Dick Rutan vonbraun03108.JPG (32100 bytes) Dr. Wernher von Braun
earhart02624.JPG (38955 bytes) Amelia Earhart tombaugh05026.JPG (30822 bytes) Clyde Tombaugh    
sweeney02619.JPG (29182 bytes) Charles Sweeney and Fred Olivi
of Bock's Car
gabreski02620.JPG (21356 bytes) Col. Francis "Gabby" Gabreski thompson03124.JPG (7212 bytes)thompson03125.JPG (5972 bytes) Milton O. Thompson
scott02645.JPG (45674 bytes) David Scott cernan02628.JPG (34098 bytes) Eugene Cernan    
evans02646.JPG (35970 bytes) Ron Evans duke02649.JPG (41327 bytes) Charles Duke    
lovell02652.JPG (21340 bytes) James Lovell krantz02643.JPG (21228 bytes) Eugene Krantz    
young02647.JPG (36044 bytes) John Young knotts02639.JPG (23251 bytes) Don Knotts    
spaceshipone02616.JPG (39094 bytes) Spaceship One team
(Scaled Composites)
rutan02609.JPG (21835 bytes) Burt Rutan    
liwei02614.JPG (14977 bytes) Liwei Yang taikonauts02613.JPG (30201 bytes) Nie Haishang and Fei Junlong    
taikonauts02615.JPG (37094 bytes) "Original 14" Taikonauts wall05047.JPG (59335 bytes) The crew picture and autographs of every astronaut to have flown aboard a space shuttle.

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