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PHM Planetarium & Air/Space Museum

Transit of Mercury
November 8, 2006

mercury03178.JPG (55057 bytes)The PHM Planetarium featured the 2006 transit of Mercury.  Images from the event are at mercury-images.htm.

Winter Village
December 2005

village08153.JPG (63344 bytes) village08154.JPG (37703 bytes)
Winter Village, an exhibit recreating a festive harbor-side community, captures the magic and excitement of the winter holidays.

St. Baldrick's Day

March 2005

laser05032.JPG (46847 bytes) laser05033.JPG (35410 bytes) laser05049.JPG (44210 bytes) laser05051.JPG (46225 bytes)
Laser shows at the planetarium benefited the local St. Baldrick's events in March 2005.

Transit of Venus
June 8, 2004

The PHM Planetarium & Air/Space Museum in Mishawaka, IN, was a Midwest hub for programs celebrating the June 8, 2004, transit of Venus.  

Total Lunar Eclipse
October 27, 2004 

  scoping03809.jpg (39350 bytes) eclipsedemo.jpg (18763 bytes)During the October 27, 2004, lunar eclipse, families gather in Mishawaka, IN, to gaze through telescopes at the changing moon and to simulate moon phases.g styrofoam balls..

Mars Closest Approach
August, 2003

Hundreds of observes in Mishawaka, IN, are joined by Flat Stanley to witness Mars at its closest approach in over 60,000 years.  We were too busy to remember to take pictures.

Total Lunar Eclipse
November 8, 2003

scoping01823.jpg (37869 bytes) scoping1822.jpg (33409 bytes) fuzzy01821.jpg (20213 bytes) Families view the eclipse after a planetarium program.

eclipse01825.jpg (12907 bytes) eclipse01826.jpg (45848 bytes) eclipse01831.jpg (13263 bytes) Because someone asked, we tried putting the camera to the telescope eyepiece.

Flat Stanley Visits

FS_by_chimp_capsule_zm.jpg (24756 bytes)  
Flat Stanley enjoys the exhibits during a visit to the PHM Planetarium & Air/Space Museum.

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