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PHM Planetarium & Air/Space Museum
Artifacts on Display

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On loan from the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum:
primate3.jpg (22027 bytes) Primate capsule, Mercury
Heat shield sample, Gemini 8
Periscope, Mercury
mercury.jpg (29491 bytes) Mercury spacecraft model, 1/3 scale
Redstone rocket model, 1/48 scale
Saturn 1 rocket model, 1/48 scale
Darvon capsules, Apollo 15
Gemini spacecraft model, 1/4 scale
alsep.jpg (45038 bytes) Apollo Lunar Surface Equipment Package
toolkit.jpg (55329 bytes) LRV tool carrier
ASTP model, 1/25 scale
Skylab cutaway mode., 1/48 scale
Shuttle spacecraft model, 1/100 scale
moonbag.jpg (29695 bytes) Lunar sample bag, Apollo 15
Chronograph, Apollo 15, S#  47, Irwin
Chronograph/Apollo 13, S# 68, Haise
Atlas rocket model, 1/48 scale
Titan IIIC rocket model, 1/48 scale
Heat shield sample, Mercury, flown
checklist.jpg (31801 bytes) CSM systems checklist, Skylab 3
dollar03105.JPG (24992 bytes) One dollar bill, Apollo 17, signed
ICG with jacket, trousers, boots
Rucksack kit, #1, Apollo 17
Dust brush
Fuel cell, Gemini
Saturn V rocket model, 1/144 scale
Shuttle Tile, STS-1
Space suit/boots/Gemini/McDivitt/S#123
LCG, Apollo 17, Cernan
camera.jpg (46333 bytes) TV camera, Apollo 17
camera.jpg (46333 bytes) TV monitor, Apollo 17
boot05045.JPG (38442 bytes) Boot, right, Apollo A1C, S#155
glove2.jpg (23668 bytes) Glove, left, Apollo A1C, S#104
Star chart, Gemini
Space food/beef pot roast/Apollo 11/S#FAR615
Space food/cocoa/Apollo 11/S#FAR868
Space food/grape drink/Apollo 11/S#FAR020
Space food/cheese crackers/Apollo 11/S#FAR304
Space food/potato soup/Apollo 11/S#FAR310
On loan from the Johnson Space Center:
One Space Shuttle Thermal Protection Tile
ART 2410/2533, Apollo Glove Molds (Scott)
EXB 2411/7190, Lunar Globe
EXB 1877, 1/48 scale Saturn V Model
EXB 1804, 1/3 scale Apollo Command Module Model
model_2.jpg (47796 bytes)
model_1.jpg (39733 bytes)
crawler.jpg (19334 bytes)
pen.JPG (36677 bytes)
Apcapsule.jpg (21518 bytes)
On loan from private collectors:
starchart05025.JPG (20529 bytes) Gordon Cooper's star chart for navigation.
coleman05058.JPG (37996 bytes) Bessie Coleman stamps
cochran02623.JPG (30542 bytes) Jacqueline Cochran stamps

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