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Gene Zajac and Chuck Bueter 

At the 2003 Annual Conference of the Great Lakes Planetarium Association (GLPA), participants of the make-it-and-take-it workshop constructed a device in which a crowd can view the sun safely.  The text describing the procedures and supplies list will appear in the conference Proceedings.

Basically, a variety of inexpensive parts...

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... and experimental designs...

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...led to the final two products.  

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workshop090.jpg (48243 bytes) workshop_092.jpg (40618 bytes)
Workshop participants construct their solar-viewing devices; images courtesy of Gene Zajac.

workshopping.JPG (34421 bytes) Making it happen; image courtesy of Marc Rouleau.

binos093.jpg (38899 bytes)  
No, Bart, it doesn't work that way; image courtesy of Gene Zajac.

susnpotter094.jpg (31799 bytes) workshop091.jpg (39538 bytes) Donors generously contributed alternative sun-viewing resources.  Learning Technologies, Inc. contributed a Sunspotter.  Rainbow Symphony contributed  a pair of Solar Shades for every conference delegate.  And Ray Shubinski set up a solar telescope.  Images courtesy of Gene Zajac.

sunspotter-spots.JPG (40428 bytes) The Sunspotter resolves the sunspot groups; image courtesy of Marc Rouleau.

The sun, seen here as a SOHO photo from that day, put on a spectacular show.  Image courtesy of SOHO (ESA & NASA).

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