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DVD & Data CDs
Fine Souvenirs


DVD & Data CDs

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The Transit of Venus program features a combined DVD and data CD set, an audio CD, a slide set of 200+ images, and supporting web pages.  The DVD can be used as a stand-alone show or as part of a planetarium package.  The data CD contains 200+ images, mpeg-1 movie clips, and supporting documents.  See for more information, including thumbnails of all images and an ordering form.
CD-ROM of historical documents forthcoming from ESO.


T-shirts and other clothing items; transit of Venus images include:

  • Doppelmayer atlas illustration

  • Full color and black/ white versions of Horrocks in stained glass window

  • Parallax angle of Venus 

  • Nitzschke's transit at sea 

Buy a shirt and receive a free pair of "eclipse shades."

Fine Souvenirs
The Hoole C.E. Church website features Jeremiah Horrocks, St. Michael Church, and the events commemorating and celebrating the transit.  Merchandise features new stained glass window for Horrock's church.
The Orwell Astronomical Society (Ipswich) in Suffolk (UK) offers a limited edition commemorative bone china plate.

"Meet the Neighbors: Planets Around Nearby Stars" is an AstroCappella lesson plan to accompany their song "Dance of the Planets."  High school students investigate the dimming caused by a transit; determine a planet's radius and orbital distance from transit data; and compare results of the extrasolar planetary system with our solar system; ( PDF file).

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Soundtrack from the Transit of Venus program on audio-CD.

The Bovaco Catalog carries John Philip Sousa's Transit of Venus March band arrangement.  The march costs $25.00 (plus UPS shipping) for a reprint of each published part on 8.5 x 11-inch pages.  You may reproduce as many copies for your own use as necessary.  You may call them at (480) 948-9870 or write them at The Detroit Concert Band, Inc., 7443 East Butherus, Suite 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. 



[ssc Radisson Diamond] travel.htm
Travel and Tours page lists several commercial trips available to see the transit of Venus.


Book: The Transit of Venus: The Quest to Find the True Distance of the Sun, by David Sellers; ISBN: 0954101308.  Excerpts are available online at  

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Cover art
for the 2004 Astronomical Calendar depicts James Cook observing the transit of Venus.  Author/artist Guy Ottewell openly notes artistic license in the inside cover.  Pages 46-48 address the transit of Venus.

Book: June 8, 2004--Venus in Transit, by Eli Maor; ISBN: 0-691-04874-6.
Book: Transit, When Planets Cross the Sun, by Patrick Moore; ISBN: 1852336218.
Book: How to Observe the Sun Safely by Lee Macdonald; published by Sky & Telescope.
Book: Observe and Understand the Sun, edited by Richard E. Hill; published by the Astronomical League.
Book: Venus in Transit: Australia's Women Travellers 1788-1930 by Douglas R. Sellick.
Book: The Transits of Venus; by William Sheehan and John Edward Westfall.
Book: Hokuloa: The British 1874 Transit of Venus Expedition to Hawai'I, by Michael Chauvin; ISBN: 1581780230.  Can also be ordered by phone (808-848-4135), fax (808-847-8260), or email (

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Sky & Telescope magazine features the transit of Venus in a series of articles, beginning with the February 2004 issue.



Eclipse Shades or Solar Shades appear similar to sunglasses, but they have a special filter that permits safe viewing if the filter is in new condition.  Eclipse/solar shades are commercially available through Rainbow Symphony and other retailers listed at under "Solar Filters."  

For one dollar, Rainbow Symphony will ship a pair of shades to the people and troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  See peace.htm for details on how you can support observers in the Middle East.

Before looking at the sun, inspect the material to make sure the lenses are not scratched or compromised in any way.  If so, discard the shades. 

The Sunspotter is commercially available from Learning Technologies Inc.
BinoMite Solar Binoculars are commercially available from Coronado Technology Group.

The Venuscope and solar shades are commercially available from SODAP-SOBOMEX- Department Sky & Space.
A Solarscope is commercially available from Light Tec Optical Instruments. 
No image available A Solarscope is commercially available from Taeym Digital Vision. 


James Short Gregorian telescope
Reproduction of Gregorian telescope, 1742 atlas, Proctor map, etc.; from Brian Greig.
The Mishawaka Brewing Company crafts Transit of Venus Sunrise Ale to commemorate the transit of Venus. "Brewed using four malts and only one hop variety (Centennial) Transit of Venus Sunrise Ale is brewed in the style of an India Pale Ale.  It contains only malted barley, hops, water and yeast (It does not contain any wheat)."  The tasty brew, at 6.1% alcohol, is available both on tap and individually bottled with 8 different labels that celebrate the event.

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Six of eight beer labels.

Professional and amateur artists alike convey their interpretations of the transit of Venus experience at the Transit of Venus Art Exhibit.  The collection of new art is displayed now through June at the Glance Eyewear Gallery, 1639 N. Ironwood Dr., Suite 2, South Bend, Indiana.

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