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   Transit of Venus   

  Art Exhibit  

To commemorate the June 8, 2004, transit of Venus, 
Glance Eyewear Gallery in South Bend, Indiana, hosted the 
Transit of Venus Art Exhibit. 

Show Location:   Glance Eyewear Gallery, 1639 N. Ironwood Drive, Suite 2, South Bend, IN 46635
                                 Phone: 574-271-1000   

Dates:                    May 9 through June 30, 2004

Hours:                    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST;  
                                Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST



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Artists Reception...

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This exhibit was open to artists working in any media. The theme related to the celestial event on June 8 in which the planet Venus glided across the face of the sun.  The previous transit of Venus occurred in 1882. The 2004 transit was marked by planetarium programs, community observing, music performances, and other events locally and internationally.    

Artists were invited to create works about Venus, the sun, relevant mythology, the search for habitable planets, the view of the transit itself—subjects that address our attempts to understand our place in space as they relate to the transit of Venus. The exhibit included The Sun as Art, a series of dramatic photos of the sun on loan from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.


Cathy McCormick pastel Dancing Venus
Fritz Olsen sculpture Transit of Venus
William "Bill" Jensen pastel Venus From Hubble Telescope
Dayle Brown watercolor Quetzacoatl: Aztec Venus
Anne Binder calligraphy, oil Posterity of Venus
Ruth Tuholski fabric Transit of Venus: Satellite View
Zeus' Other Realm
Mary Beth DiGann pastel Maat Mons
Leah Kelly Schrock   In The Beginning
Cindy Tachman markers Venus Bowing to the Sun
Dan Vogl mixed Or-bits
Miriam Wittkopf watercolor Galaxies
Wali Neil oil Transit of Venus
Marie Arch pastel Ring Galaxy- Constellation Dorado
James Borden    
Tina Davis beads (necklace)  
Todd Davis plaster  
Norma Helen oil  
Bradford Hansen Smith paper plates Twin Planets
Venus Passing
Nancy P. Hendrix acrylic and pastel Planets
Nick Kulp   Jeremiah's Window
Tamara Lewis    
Mary Lou C. Lonergan pastel Third Millennium: Eclipse by Venus
Mood Indigo: Venusian Spirit
Mackenzie Korth    
Don Tuttle fabric Transit Time

Many thanks to Lenore and Jennifer!  Image courtesy of Ruth Tuholski.

The following items are located at art-entry.htm:

Call for Entries  Details about delivering, exhibiting, and selling your transit of Venus art.
Invitation to Artists  A letter from Chuck Bueter introducing the transit of Venus to the art community.
Entry Form
  Artist's contact information and description of your art.

Contact: Cathy McCormick,

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