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In 1874 and 1882, the US Naval Observatory (USNO) sent multiple teams to time the transit of Venus with the aid of photographic equipment.  Expedition photographs reproduced here are in the collection of the US Naval Observatory Library.  These photos are not necessarily listed in any specific order.

DSC02664.JPG (64627 bytes)Transit of Venus party at Old Naval Observatory 1874, and instruments; Expeditions; Spring, 1874

  DSC02665.JPG (1438897 bytes) DSC02668.JPG (1407777 bytes) DSC02669.JPG (1437551 bytes) DSC02673.JPG (1331127 bytes) DSC02674.JPG (194502 bytes) DSC02670.JPG (216600 bytes) DSC02675.JPG (237139 bytes) DSC02677.JPG (1385567 bytes) DSC02678.JPG (1358570 bytes) DSC02684.JPG (157843 bytes) DSC02685.JPG (1363850 bytes) DSC02688.JPG (128474 bytes) DSC02689.JPG (125543 bytes) DSC02696.JPG (138053 bytes)

DSC02680.JPG (1182271 bytes)Plan of Photoheliograph 

DSC02686.JPG (148564 bytes)Details of Meridian Transit

DSC02687.JPG (160639 bytes) Meridian Instrument

DSC02703.JPG (1150226 bytes) DSC02691.JPG (160218 bytes) DSC02692.JPG (240074 bytes) DSC02695.JPG (1256395 bytes) "Japan 1874 -D."

Chatham Island?

DSC02697.JPG (176602 bytes) DSC02698.JPG (251111 bytes) DSC02699.JPG (207037 bytes) DSC02700.JPG (163963 bytes) DSC02701.JPG (189507 bytes) DSC02702.JPG (1095139 bytes) DSC02707.JPG (1381660 bytes) DSC02708.JPG (1459361 bytes) DSC02710.JPG (1331699 bytes) DSC02711.JPG (259739 bytes) DSC02712.JPG (1341089 bytes) DSC02713.JPG (241633 bytes) DSC02714.JPG (376076 bytes) DSC02715.JPG (246478 bytes) DSC02716.JPG (226427 bytes) DSC02717.JPG (1439441 bytes)

DSC02719.JPG (1253056 bytes) 103

DSC02720.JPG (92930 bytes) DSC02721.JPG (118620 bytes) DSC02722.JPG (130160 bytes) DSC02723.JPG (135618 bytes) DSC02724.JPG (117538 bytes) DSC02725.JPG (114717 bytes) DSC02726.JPG (101002 bytes) DSC02727.JPG (107462 bytes) DSC02728.JPG (131323 bytes) DSC02729.JPG (102099 bytes) DSC02730.JPG (162487 bytes) DSC02731.JPG (123631 bytes) DSC02732.JPG (129485 bytes) DSC02733.JPG (121818 bytes) DSC02734.JPG (150966 bytes) DSC02735.JPG (102881 bytes) DSC02736.JPG (102864 bytes) DSC02737.JPG (129904 bytes) DSC02738.JPG (1342324 bytes) DSC02740.JPG (1144099 bytes)

DSC02741.JPG (177138 bytes)"Interior of Japan Photographic Hut..."  

DSC02742.JPG (140176 bytes)"Box room of photographic house ventilator"

DSC02743.JPG (233903 bytes)"The Photograph Measurer in Interior of Admiral's Office.  Negative of Sun leaning against books."

DSC02744.JPG (194845 bytes)"The Kerguelen heliostat, clock, and pier. In the distance this Crozet's (?) & Siberia transit houses with doors open."

DSC02745.JPG (207692 bytes)"New Zealand heliostat & clock; photographic lens 40 ft. focus; flat mirror; iron piers filled with sand."

DSC02746.JPG (237699 bytes)"New Zealand photographic lens; flat mirror, heliostat, and driving clock.  In the background the Chatham heliostat. On the right two transit houses."

DSC02747.JPG (206173 bytes)(Numbered) "Chatham Photographic House; New Zealand Photographic House, Kerguelen Photographic House; Siberia Transit House; Crozet's Transit House; Kerguelen Transit House; Dome of 26-inch refractor."

DSC02748.JPG (204394 bytes)"View of Venusia! from N.W.; New Zealand photographers in foreground."

DSC02749.JPG (223937 bytes)"View of two transit and photographic house from roof of observatory...Shows framework for covering over ground between Kerguelen photographic lens and photographic house.  To be double boarded.  Experimental tube in situ."

DSC02750.JPG (140223 bytes)"Four of the 8 equatorial houses. 10-inch Transit-circle room & 9-inch equatorial dome in the distance."

DSC02751.JPG (143991 bytes)"The Equatorial houses with square revolving domes."

DSC02752.JPG (158910 bytes)"View of Equatorial houses and packing up in Equatorial."

DSC02753.JPG (100996 bytes) DSC02755.JPG (95205 bytes) DSC02756.JPG (90560 bytes) DSC02757.JPG (100803 bytes) DSC02758.JPG (99381 bytes) DSC02759.JPG (140590 bytes) DSC02760.JPG (134876 bytes) DSC02761.JPG (133436 bytes)

DSC02762.JPG (225776 bytes)
1. Admiral Davis 4. Prof. Peters   New Zealand
2. Prof. Newcomb    5. Prof. Hall   Siberia
3. Prof. H. Draper 6. Capt. Raymond-  Crozets 

DSC02763.JPG (199089 bytes) "Part of the Personnel- The 26-inch equatorial of the Naval Observatory in the background."

 DSC02764.JPG (203251 bytes)
"The New Zealand party and ex officio members."
1. Mr. Phillips, chief photographer 5. Lieut. Bass, assistant astronomer
2. Prof. Peters, chief of party    6. Mr. Aymi (?) 3rd assistant photographer
3. Adm. Davis, President of Commission 7. Mr. Pierson, 2nd assistant photographer 
4. Prof. H. Draper Sup. of Phot. depart. 8. Mr. Russell, 1st assistant photographer

DSC02765.JPG (178472 bytes)"Chatham and New Zealand Transit houses in foreground on left.  10-inch Transit circle [??] and 9-inch equatorial dome.  Crozet's Transit house in distance on right.

DSC02766.JPG (181542 bytes)"View of Transit, Photographic & Equatorial Houses from roof of Naval Observatory."

DSC02767.JPG (200586 bytes)"Interior of Equatorial house showing tripod stand."

DSC02768.JPG (176027 bytes)"View of Washington Naval Observatory in the East.  Equatorial houses from the distance."

DSC02769.JPG (180407 bytes)"Miss Mitchell's Equatorial which resembles the (Venus transit) equatorial.  View taken in the interior of the 9-inch Equatorial dome; shows also the Observatory Comet Seeker."

DSC02770.JPG (173761 bytes)"The Transit-instrument in its house."

DSC02771.JPG (184996 bytes)"Washington Observatory from the North."

DSC02772.JPG (214350 bytes)"Washington Observatory from the North."

DSC02773.JPG (218594 bytes)"Washington Observatory from the North-west."

DSC02774.JPG (144259 bytes) DSC02775.JPG (163851 bytes) DSC02776.JPG (148810 bytes) DSC02779.JPG (150221 bytes) DSC02780.JPG (159972 bytes) DSC02781.JPG (143199 bytes) DSC02782.JPG (201743 bytes) DSC02783.JPG (133990 bytes) DSC02784.JPG (214137 bytes) DSC02785.JPG (179570 bytes) DSC02786.JPG (218829 bytes) DSC02787.JPG (1163786 bytes) DSC02788.JPG (1319577 bytes) DSC02789.JPG (1319621 bytes) DSC02790.JPG (202920 bytes) DSC02791.JPG (1264899 bytes) DSC02792.JPG (1205497 bytes) DSC02793.JPG (1233864 bytes) DSC02794.JPG (1381320 bytes) DSC02795.JPG (1303511 bytes) DSC02796.JPG (1363678 bytes) DSC02797.JPG (1400875 bytes) DSC02798.JPG (177953 bytes) DSC02799.JPG (180908 bytes) DSC02800.JPG (1141690 bytes) DSC02801.JPG (1132067 bytes) 

DSC02718.JPG (13218 bytes)

Y.- Encampment of the U.S. Transit of Venus Party, on Wangoroa Bay, Chatham Island, December, 1874.

DSC02651.JPG (39879 bytes) DSC02653.JPG (1218406 bytes)

"QB512  no.1  ST  3 of 4"
"Fig 10"
"View in Venusea from the roof of the observatory."
"Is this S Newcomb's little joke?  Does it mean just the ground covered by apparatus for observing Transit of Venus."

DSC02656.JPG (189474 bytes) "QB512 no.1 ST 1 of 4"

DSC02659.JPG (174800 bytes) "Fig. 8 The heliostat and object glass" 

DSC02661.JPG (146168 bytes) "1874- Transit of Venus Equipment, Old Observatory, (temp eq)" 

DSC02802.JPG (311905 bytes) DSC02803.JPG (82345 bytes) DSC02804.JPG (1147747 bytes) DSC02805.JPG (185874 bytes) 

DSC02806.JPG (1136042 bytes)"[La.] Slide moved a trifle little slow and perhaps a trifle irregular" 
"Mirror and objective dusted off.  Plumb line all right." 

DSC02807.JPG (1233948 bytes) DSC02808.JPG (191559 bytes)

DSC02809.JPG (1356558 bytes)"Record of the Transit of Venus Station at Santiago de Chile, 1882. 

DSC02810.JPG (164304 bytes)"Stars this evening are extremely steady..."

DSC02811.JPG (1137421 bytes) DSC02812.JPG (222980 bytes) DSC02813.JPG (230687 bytes)

DSC02816.JPG (179726 bytes) DSC02815.JPG (1238480 bytes) DSC02817.JPG (1275741 bytes)David P. Todd of Amherst College Observatory writes Asaph Hall about the duplicate records of observations of the Transit of Venus, 1882, from the Lick Observatory. 

DSC02818.JPG (179546 bytes)Piece of plumb-line wire used at the Lick Observatory, 1882.

DSC02819.JPG (1218973 bytes)Observations of the Transit of Venus made at the Lick Observatory, by David P. Todd.

DSC02820.JPG (1183383 bytes)"With the compliments of Professor Todd..."

DSC02821.JPG (1365451 bytes) DSC02822.JPG (169179 bytes) DSC02823.JPG (171422 bytes) DSC02824.JPG (1167585 bytes) DSC02825.JPG (213595 bytes) DSC02826.JPG (175565 bytes) DSC02827.JPG (159522 bytes) DSC02828.JPG (203342 bytes) DSC02829.JPG (203912 bytes) DSC02830.JPG (175980 bytes) DSC02831.JPG (178722 bytes) 

DSC02832.JPG (179873 bytes)"Packing list for Lick Tr. of V. negatives"

DSC02833.JPG (10503 bytes) DSC02834.JPG (1353476 bytes) DSC02835.JPG (1315815 bytes) DSC02836.JPG (1114560 bytes) DSC02837.JPG (991430 bytes) DSC02838.JPG (1094035 bytes) 

DSC02839.JPG (1214745 bytes)"Thus have we concluded the sun photos at this Station and commence to pack for Home."

DSC02840.JPG (234203 bytes) DSC02841.JPG (237725 bytes) DSC02843.JPG (1500142 bytes) 

DSC02844.JPG (124379 bytes) 














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