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(April 2006)

Suppliers of Sky-Friendly Lights

Do it right.

A thorough list of good lighting fixtures and manufacturers are suggested by the International Dark-Sky Association. Good alternatives are readily available in all categories, styles, and price ranges.

Shield your floodlights and spotlights with a simple clip-on visor.

Outdoor Lighting Products by Starry Night Lights
Starry Night Lights is a night-friendly outdoor lights store.

Outdoor Lighting Associates specializes in retrofits.

Soft Lighting Systems claims its sports facility lights permit no direct light above the horizon.


What Else Can I Do (that saves me money)?

DSC06916.JPG (29431 bytes) Right now you can save money and improve the night sky--without it costing you a thing.  For example, if your outdoor lighting fixture has multiple bulbs, unscrew one or more bulbs (as shown) to lessen the output.  You probably won't miss the extra light.

Many neighborhood lights often do more to inhibit visibility (via glare) than they contribute to real safety. The glare of direct light creates strong shadows rather than illuminating the property uniformly. 

  • Install a motion detector on exterior security lights.  You save money while having a more effective deterrent.  
  • Replace wide floodlights with narrower spotlights of equal or less wattage.  
  • Aim all floodlights downward so they are at least 45 degrees below the horizontal line.
  • When replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs, use a lower wattage, for the light output (in lumens) of the energy-efficient bulbs is likely greater than of the old bulb it is replacing.  Otherwise you are only swapping one high- wattage light bulb with an equally high-wattage light bulb.
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