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Transit of Venus  

June 8, 2004

(This page by Sarah, age 6)


sarahyellow.jpg (13831 bytes) A transit of Venus is when Venus crosses in front of the sun.  You also can write down the exact time when it starts and ends.  Itís important because you can figure out the distance from Earth to the sun.


sarahsunrise2.jpg (30326 bytes) This is a picture of the sun rising on June 8, 2004.  You can see Venus crossing in front of the sun.  Where it says Black Drop Effect is when Venus looks like it is smudged.  The Black Drop Effect happens when Venus is almost touching the inside edge of the sun.


sarahicarus.jpg (13275 bytes) A long time ago people thought that the sun was nearby like a neighbor.  Icarus flew too high and his wings were made of wax and feathers .  The sun melted his wings of wax and feathers so down he fell.


sarahglass.jpg (22543 bytes) Never wear just sunglasses when you look at the transit of  Venus.  Why you may ask?  Sunglasses let too much light in your eyes and they could hurt a little or a lot.  


#14hood.jpg (22587 bytes) sarahviewers.jpg (31761 bytes) So use a solar filter or special glass (like #14 welding glass or eclipse shades) .


Sarahcompass.jpg (39006 bytes) sarahcolors.jpg (27435 bytes) sarahkeysjpg.jpg (36703 bytes) sarahposter.jpg (27669 bytes) Sarah, age 6.

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