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  • 30 dome, 81 high back seats in a unidirectional (theater type seating) pattern

  • Series 2 Minolta Optical Lens Star Projector; the Star Projector sits on top of a lift that allows us to manually raise and lower the machine to the floor.

  •  Left, Middle and Right XF (cross fading) screens with three projectors in the Middle

  •  XF, 7 pan panorama

  •  XF, All Skies

  • VCR, Laser Disk, CD integrated video system

  • CTR Projection System

  • LCD Projection System

  • Four sound systems: Stereo, Surround, Tracking, Meteor Drop

  • Sound Capabilites:  4 channel smpte time deck; dual cassette, CD, turntable, Reel to Reel 4 channel (antique)

  • Over 100 special effects projectors

  • JHE Automation with smpte time code.  Through this system we have integrated the entire planetarium to the computer; also, we can switch back and forth between automation and manual operation.

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