Countdown to Science Alive!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Centre Township Branch of the Public Library
1150 E. Kern Rd. (corner of Miami Rd.)
South Bend, IN

Thank you, kids, parents, and library staff.  We had fun!

Lou Sandock, Dayle Brown, Linda Mark, Chuck Bueter

DSC08427.JPG (63218 bytes) "Albie" Einstien comes alive, "relativity speaking."

 DSC08430.JPG (60600 bytes) "Sally Ride" inspires young girls in the quest for exploration and discovery.

DSC08431.JPG (65650 bytes) "Orion" embellishes how he ended up in the sky, a victim of the scorpion's sting.  

 DSC08434.JPG (36924 bytes) Visitors eagerly queue for a program in the portable planetarium.

DSC08437.JPG (51103 bytes) Telescopes perform the rare task of targeting planets on a rainy day.  AstroCampers Chris B. and Kieran N. (not shown) assist. 

DSC08442.JPG (39576 bytes) "Orion" shares the story of his fame with a visitor.

DSC08441.JPG (39751 bytes) "Sally Ride" and library visitors enjoy legends of the night sky around a winter campfire.

DSC08445.JPG (42934 bytes) Activities keep the young visitors happy and informed.  Diane Sandock assists.

DSC08447.JPG (46528 bytes) Dayle Brown's poster explains the crafting of Skylore from Planet Earth: stories from around the world...Orion"

Preparations from earlier...

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The "Countdown to Science Alive!" astronomy programs at Centre Twp. Branch are sponsored by AstroCamp, a stargazing  adventure at YMCA Camp Eberhart in Three Rivers, Michigan.

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