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Transit of Venus

   Stained Glass Window     

Credit: Cindy Tachman


Create your own stained glass window to commemorate the transit of Venus.

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Jeremiah Horrocks was the first person to record a transit of Venus.  A stained glass window in St. Michael Church (in Hoole, England) celebrating his 1639 achievement shows Horrocks looking at a projection of the sun on a large sheet.  

Color this window with your own words of celebration, or make your own stained glass window.  For ideas of what to draw in the stained glass circle, see Things Round.   For words that could fill the stained glass banner, see Quotes.  Better yet, come up with your own images and words.

More stained glass windows and scenes from St. Michael Church...

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Brownies from Girl Scout Troop 112 of the Singing Sands Council commemorate the transit of Venus on stained glass windows.

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